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Video: Chinese Daredevil Known For Taking Dangerous Selfies On Skyscrapers Falls 62 Stories To His Death

By USA Today

A Chinese daredevil known for scaling skyscrapers without safety equipment


Roach Bomb Explodes In Brooklyn Apartment; 4 Injured, Cat Killed

By Daily News

A flash explosion caused by roach bombs and a lit pilot light was so powerful


Former President Obama Says ‘It’s Time For Women To Be In Charge’; ‘Men Seem To Have Some Problems These Days’

By HuffPost

Barack Obama said he believes more future leaders should be women.


Trump Tweets His Textbook ‘MAGA’ Response To Criticism Of His Attacks On Black Americans

By Chicago Tribune

resident Donald Trump kicked off Thanksgiving Day by replying to a tweet

FDA Finds Most Herbal Supplements Sold In Major Stores Contain Cheap Fillers Instead Of What They Claim

By HLF-Team.com

Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and GNC are taking full advantage of the lack of regulation


Man Finds Car 20 Years After He Forgot Where He Parked It

By Independent

Back in 1997 in the German city of Frankfurt, a man reported his car as stolen to the police.


India Gets A Clue: Rules Sex With A Child Bride Is Officially Considered Rape – No Exceptions

By Global Citizen

India’s top court has ruled that sex with a child is always rape, quashing a clause


Black Women In The U.S. More Likely To Die During Or After Childbirth: Why?

By Essence

Late at night on February 4, 2010, when she was 37 weeks pregnant, Fathiyyah “Tia” Doster 


Taiwan Becomes The First Asian Country To Ban The Consumption Of Cats And Dogs

By DailyMail

Taiwan has become the first Asian country to completely ban the eating of dog and cat meat.

In The Wake of a Possible Military Threat From The U.S. – China Is More Than Ready

By Los Angeles Times

To mark the 90th birthday of the People’s Liberation Army on Aug. 1, China’s President Xi Jinping went to


Private Prisons Are Facing A Class-Action Lawsuit For Violating Anti-Slavery Laws For The First Time In History

By Alternative Media Syndicate

This past summer, President Obama’s Department of Justice was directed to stop using private prisons. Besides having notoriously inhumane conditions, the private prison industry doesn’t really save taxpayers money—it just generates money for people who are in bed with private prisons.


Trump Threatens to ‘Solve The Problem’ in North Korea via Twitter


A friend asked me the other day whether I believe Mike Pence would be a better president than Donald Trump, if the current president were forced from office as a result of the Russia scandal.
Smart Phone and lady's fingers with red nails

Hustle Hard : Woman Gets Multiple Boyfriends To Buy Her iPhones, And Sells Them To Buy A House

By New York Post

One crafty female from China has performed the ultimate hustle to raise funds for a home deposit.


Designer Opioids Enter Local Drug Trade, Raising Death Toll

By Washington’s Top New

WASHINGTON — After two years behind bars, 46-year-old Worth “Danny” Lancaster


The Secret To Asian American Success

By The Washington Post

For those who doubt that racial resentment lingers in this nation, Asian Americans


Ivanka Trump Is Losing Business Thanks To Donald Trump

By Raw Story

It seems Trump’s business spiral isn’t isolated to the Donald.


Cuban Doctors Are Doing The Most To Help Haiti

By Independent

They are the real heroes of the Haitian earthquake disaster,


Gentrification Hits Harlem

By NYTimes

For nearly a century, Harlem has been synonymous with black urban America.


Fox News Stereotypes And Offends Asians In Latest Segment

By Vox

Fox News’ Jesse Watters went to New York’s Chinatown to ask people what they thought of Donald Trump and Chinese-American relations for The O’Reilly Factor.


Chinese Billionaire Buys 8 New iPhones For His Dog

By Celebrity Net Worth

The release of Apple’s iPhone 7 was greeted by a typical fervor from Apple devotees, almost all of whom are probably incensed at the story of Coco, the owner of not just one or two iPhone 7s, but eight.