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California Reparations; Oakland Will Issue 50% Of Marijuana Business Licenses To Marijuana Convicts

By Vibe

Convicted weed felons are getting a fresh start. As reparations for the war on drugs,


Jamaican Pro-Cannabis Doctor Found Stabbed To Death In Her Home

By Neon Nettle

A pro-cannabis doctor, and big pharma activist, was found stabbed to death at her home, having died of a knife wound to her abdomen.


SHOCKING: People Do Not Die of Cancer, They Die From Chemotherapy Say Berkley Doctor

By Real Farmacy

People who refuse chemotherapy treatment live on average 12 and a half years longer than people who undergo chemotherapy, says Dr. Jones.


Study Shows Teens Who Smoke Weed Damage Their Brains For LIFE And Are More Likely To Develop Schizophrenia

By Daily Mail

Teenagers who regularly smoke cannabis suffer long lasting brain damage and are in much greater danger of developing schizophrenia. 


51 People Overdose On Synthetic Weed In St. Louis

By Saint Louis Post Dispatch

ST. LOUIS • Officials say 51 people downtown were treated this week


TV Morning Anchor Leaves Job At Fox 2 To Help Legalize Marijuana In Michigan

By Detroit Free Press

After 22 years on television, Fox 2 Detroit morning anchor Anqunette Jamison


There Is Now A Weed-Wine That Gets You Drunk And High

By The Earth Child

Most tokers prefer to smoke Cannabis above all else.

a pregnant woman and her son

Smoking Weed During Pregnancy May Have A Positive Affect On Newborns

By Madame Noire

What if you could smoke weed during pregnancy without having to worry about it affecting your baby? Would you do it?


Want $3,000 A Week to Smoke Weed?

By Invest News

Researchers are searching for test subjects who are willing to participate in a national clinical study of marijuana.


Soon, Doctors will prescribe marijuana to treat PMS

By Fusion

Centuries ago, women used to rely on cannabis to combat everything from cramps


Georgia approves medicinal marijuana

By My Fox Atlanta

Tuesday morning, the Georgia Department of Public Health revealed the state’s online

Israel grows medicinal marijuana in Safed

Indiana approves “The First Church of Cannabis” under its religious freedom law

By ABC 7

Indiana has approved “The First Church of Cannabis” under its controversial religious freedom law.