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Bronx Fire That Killed 12 People Started Accidentally By Toddler Playing With Stove

By New York Daily News

It wasn’t the first time the 3-year-old in the first floor apartment snuck off to play with gas stove jets


Is The Black Community Embarrassed To See Poor Black People On Television?

By Atlanta Black Star

Television is experiencing a “New Golden Age.”  Television dramas and comedies are earning high praise


Gentrification Hits Harlem

By NYTimes

For nearly a century, Harlem has been synonymous with black urban America.


Formerly homeless NYC man stole $1.5 million home from elderly woman

By The New York Post

No wonder he’s not homeless anymore: He’s “stealing” homes!


Charmayne Maxwell from the 90’s R&B singing group Brownstone dies after a freak accident

By People Magazine

Charmayne Maxwell, a member of the ’90s group Brownstone, died on Friday, according to her brother. She was 46.