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New York City: The Downtown Rats Are Distinctly Different From The Uptown Rats

By The Atlantic

New York City is a place where rats climb out of toilets,


Private Prisons Are Facing A Class-Action Lawsuit For Violating Anti-Slavery Laws For The First Time In History

By Alternative Media Syndicate

This past summer, President Obama’s Department of Justice was directed to stop using private prisons. Besides having notoriously inhumane conditions, the private prison industry doesn’t really save taxpayers money—it just generates money for people who are in bed with private prisons.


Study Finds Wine is Really Good For The Heart

By EurWeb

*A recent large-scale study conducted by the University of Cambridge in England suggests that having a drink of wine every day could help protect your heart from disease.


Elite Pedophile Rings Exposed in a Horrifying Episode of Dr. Phil

By The Free Thought Project

In an exclusive interview seen by millions across the United States, Dr. Phil exposed the deadly secretive, and the highly organized world of elite pedophilia


Myth Debunked: The Irish Were Not Slaves, Too

By NY Times

It has shown up on Irish trivia Facebook pages, in Scientific American magazine, and on white nationalist message boards:


Cuban Doctors Are Doing The Most To Help Haiti

By Independent

They are the real heroes of the Haitian earthquake disaster,


Study: People Who Commit Crimes Have One Thing In Common

By EurWeb

It’s an undeniable fact that Black and poor people vs. white and rich make up a disproportionate population


Viagra & Prostitutes Causing a Spike in AIDS Diagnosis Among Elderly Black Men

By EurWeb

In the past, whenever an opportunity arose for O’Neal to pleasure himself, he would gleefully dig into his special


Asian American couple only gets 3 years for starving adopted daughter to death for her organs


Matthew and Grace Huang (pictured), an Asian-American couple, were sentenced Thursday to three years in prison in a Qatar court for starving their adopted daughter to death.


We already know this but black drivers are stopped more than whites in CT

By The Huffington Post

Black automobile drivers in Connecticut are stopped by police at far higher rates than white drivers and by a very wide margin in several places, according to a study released on Tuesday.


Find out which countries have the biggest penises in the world

By Metro UK

Men: you know what you’re working with – but how do you measure up with the rest of the planet?


Travelers are spreading a super stomach bug that is antibiotic resistant

By the Daily Mail

Health officials say a drug-resistant mutant super-strain of a nasty stomach bug has made its way into the U.S. and is spreading – already causing more than 200 illnesses since last May.


British man has 26 children by 15 different women- says being a bouncer made him do it

By The Mirror

A father-of-26 dubbed ‘Britain’s most feckless father’ said his job as a bouncer was the reason why he has such a large number of children.


A simple blood test can detect breast cancer before it develops

By The Daily Mail UK

A metal-detecting blood test that can give vital early warning of breast cancer is being developed by Oxford University scientists.


36 Million people are living as slaves across the globe

Almost 36 million people are living as slaves across the globe with an index on Monday listing Mauritania, Uzbekistan, Haiti, Qatar and India as the nations where modern-day slavery is most prevalent.


Global Banks fined $3.4 billion

By Reuters

Regulators fined five major banks $3.4 billion for failing to stop traders from trying to manipulate the foreign exchange market, the first settlement in a year-long global investigation.


‘I have Ebola! You’re all screwed!’: Passenger causes panic on plane with a joke gone bad

By The Mirror

A man who screamed “I have Ebola! You are all screwed!” on a flight was confronted by men wearing hazardous waste suits and oxygen masks when the plane landed.

South Africa Honeymoon Killing

Trial begins in South Africa for British Man who killed wife on honeymoon in order to have gay sex

By The Miami Herald

JOHANNESBURG- One month after a verdict in the Oscar Pistorius trial, South African justice is again under international scrutiny as prosecutors press a murder case against a British man accused of hiring local men to kill his wife on their 2010 honeymoon and make it look like a botched carjacking.