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Flat-Earth Enthusiast Plans To Launch Himself Into Space In Rocket He Built

By HuffPost

UPDATE: Nov. 25 ― Hughes has had to postpone his planned launch for the time being,


University of Pennsylvania Teaching Assistant Insists On Calling On Black Women Students First

By Philly.com

Maybe my political science professor didn’t hate me.

CDC Releases New Map Of States With The Most Sexually Transmitted Infections

By Backgroundchecks.org

Since we first looked at the data, the CDC has published new findings,


Even As U.S. Reports Economic Upturns, Over 50 Million Still Live In Poverty

By Financial Times
More than 50m Americans live in districts that are mired in a “deep ongoing recession”,


Paul Horner, Famous Fake News Writer, Found Dead In Home Due To ‘Accidental Overdose’

By Daily Mail

A purveyor of fake news who became famous for

Since 2010, At Least 5 Americans Have Blown Off Their Genitals With Firearms

By DeathAndTaxes

The Internet is abuzz this week with the unfortunate mishap


He Was “The Greatest Of All Time”- R.I.P. Muhammad Ali


“After a 32-year battle with Parkinson’s disease, Muhammad Ali has passed away at the age of 74.


Minimum Wage Going Up In 14 States At Start Of 2016

If you’re among the country’s lowest earners, you may be ringing in the new year with a pay hike.


Boxer claims he was drugged after his appearance in a gay s*x film surface

By The Grio

Professional boxer Yusaf Mack doesn’t remember shooting the porn video that’s causing a local scandal in his area


Recall Alert: Cucumbers tests positive for salmonella in 27 states

By NBC Washington

A San Diego-based produce company has recalled garden cucumbers believed to be the source of a Salmonella outbreak that killed


Lark Voorhies new husband is a wanted man and is on the run


Lark Voorhies— who played Lisa Turtle on “Saved by the Bell


Former CFO on food-stamps after losing job for talking slick about Chick-Fil-A

By CBS News

A former CFO is now on food stamps after a video he posted on You Tube two and half years ago criticizing Chick-Fil-A went viral and destroyed his career.


Man steals his drugged born baby from hospital so child protective services wouldn’t take her

By The Daily Mail

An Arizona father was caught on camera putting his two-day old baby girl inside of a plastic bag before smuggling her out of a hospital to avoid welfare workers.


Does your insurance policy have your back?

By Your West Valley

Just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you’re covered, caution AAA Insurance experts. The new year is a good time to check over your policies and make necessary tweaks to make sure you’re properly protected.


8 million children slated to lose their health insurance if Congress doesn’t act fast

By The Washington Post

For all the hand-wringing about what the new Republican-controlled Congress could to do Obamacare, another health insurance program could be dropped entirely if lawmakers don’t take action this year: the Children’s Health Insurance Program.


Video: Mother talks about hospital’s reaction to her baby born without eyes

By EurThisNThat.com

*It was almost two weeks after Kelly Lopez gave birth to her son Richie, that she discovered he had no eyes.