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American Cancer Society Reports Alarming Rate Of Colon And Rectal Cancer In Young Men

By NewsOne

After once considered prominent diseases in older adults, cancers of the rectum


Tapeworm transmitted cancer to Colombian man

By CBS News

Cancer cells transmitted from a common tapeworm appear to have caused cancer-like tumors in a Colombian man with HIV


March is colon cancer awareness month- Learn how to prevent it

By Eurweb

*The death of Ahmad Givens, AKA “Real” on VH1’s “I love New York,” is a tragedy, that I hope will be a lifesaving lesson for the rest of us.


Death rate from cancer declines due to smoking decline

By SMN Weekly

American Cancer Society releases a new report that suggests that over 1.5 million people in the United States escaped cancer deaths since 1991 because of the significant decline in smoking rates as well as new advancement in the cancer treatments, prevention as well as detection.