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Homelessness is directly tied into racism

By the Huffington Post

The United States faces a deeply troublesome, maddeningly persistent racial gap in income and wealth


Man rushed into his firey apartment to save a rack of ribs

By Breitbart

A California man who rushed into his apartment to save a rack of barbecue ribs from a nearby fire gave an interview to a local news cameraman on the scene


Shelters are only temporary fixes for homeless families

By Ebony

More than 150,000 U.S. families are homeless each year. 


Minister plans to build a village of micro homes for the homeless

By Ebony

For more than two weeks now, the Rev. Jeff Obafemi Carr has been living in a 60 square foot


90 Year old veteran forcefully evicted from his home after living there for 60 years

By The Root

The story of Johnnie H. Hodges, a 90-year-old Navy veteran of World War II


Poor whites live in richer neighborhoods than middle-class blacks and Latinos

By Madamnoire

In a perfect world, living in an affluent neighborhood is dictated by one’s income,


Weird!!!- Residents fled million dollar home because a unknown stranger was watching them


Terrifying letters forced a New Jersey family to flee their new home,


Black tenants get evicted to make room for wealthy white residents

By Atlanta Black Star

Anyone riding by the Los Angeles apartment complex at 1625 Crenshaw Boulevard


Apartment complex in CA sent fliers out addressing Black people to keep quiet

By The Root

Black residents at an Irvine, Calif., rental complex are up in arms over two fliers urging them to keep


Study: Minimum wage earners simply can’t afford to rent an apartment in any state

By Rollingout

To date, only 30% of Americans make a near-minimum-wage income; that leaves just about 21 million people struggling to pay rent each month.


Formerly homeless NYC man stole $1.5 million home from elderly woman

By The New York Post

No wonder he’s not homeless anymore: He’s “stealing” homes!


VIDEO: Church buys Mike Tyson’s old mansion and plans to build a sanctuary

By The Daily Mail

It was once home to the self-declared ‘baddest man on the planet’ and the scene of many a wild party, but this derelict mansion –


Man sets his house ablaze and then paints “My wife is a cheater” on exterior

By The Denver Post

Fire crews in Arvada responding to reports of an explosion early Tuesday morning arrived to find a home engulfed in flames and the phrase “My wife is a cheater” scrawled across its exterior.


Apartment complex threatens to fine tenants $10,000 if they wrote bad online reviews

By The Huffington Post

They might be the landlords from hell, but you’re not allowed to complain about them.


Man pawns his $160,000 collection of Jordans for a down payment on a new home

By Next Shark

In a story out in Beijing, China, a man who has a passion for collecting Nike sneakers recently pawned 283 pairs of Jordans that took him 20 years to collect.


Mother lit cigarette next to oxygen tank that exploded killing her and wheelchair bound son

By ABC 7

Two people were killed and two others injured after an Altadena home caught fire Saturday night.


Insurance company cancels homeowner’s policy because she DIDN’T file a claim


Action 9 found a Melbourne family’s homeowners policy was canceled because of a water damage claim they never filed.


Insurance industry suspects legal pot use will cause more auto and homeowner’s claims

By Bank Rate

So far, the insurance industry’s concerns over the growing acceptance of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use across the land have focused on the auto insurance risks of driving stoned and the home insurance liability of setting cannabis-altered party guests loose into the night.


Research says providing housing for homeless is cheaper than leaving them homeless

By Vox

The final week of January saw an annual ritual in government statistical gathering that few people know about — the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Point-in-Time survey of the homeless population, in which HUD recruits volunteers around the country


Does my homeowners insurance cover damage from a storm?


Insurance experts say don’t assume that homeowners’ insurance policies will automatically cover any and all storm damage.