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Big Companies As Landlords Leave Tenants In The Cold

By Bloomberg

On a chilly December afternoon in Atlanta, a judge told Reiton Allen that


What You Can Do When Your Property Taxes Are Too High

By The Network Journal

Q: Forty years ago I paid $700 for my home. I never upgraded


Is Brooklyn Now The Most Unaffordable Place To Live In America?

By Brokelyn

Well, that settles that.

We already knew that way too much of our income was going to rent. Just last year, New York City came in as second-most expensive place to raise a family.


Does my homeowners insurance cover damage from a storm?


Insurance experts say don’t assume that homeowners’ insurance policies will automatically cover any and all storm damage.


The New Projects: America’s poorest city residents receive customized houses

By The Atlantic City Lab

Brownsville, Texas, sits high in the rankings where cities want to come in low. It’s the poorest city in America, with 36 percent of its residents living in poverty.