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Black Insurers Write New Life Policies: No. 42 of 45 Great Moments in Black Business

By Black Enterprise

Over 45 days, Black Enterprise shares 45 milestone events among the nation’s largest black-owned businesses


U.S. Backed Banks Robbed Ex-Slaves of $66 Million

By Black Enterprise

Booker T. Washington, the Founder of the Tuskegee Institute and the son of slaves, once wrote,


WOW!!! Mississippi Outlawed Slavery in 1995

By Today I Found Out

Today I found out Mississippi didn’t officially outlaw slavery until 1995.


Meryl Streep’s T-shirt campaign is ignorant

By The Grio

“I’d rather be a rebel than a slave.”  That’s the text on t-shirts that actresses Meryl Streep,


Woman runs marathon on her period without a tampon or pad

By People

Kiran Gandhi, who has played drums for singer M.I.A. and Thievery


Find out which types of insurance policies you need to successfully plan for your future

By Rollingout

Successful financial planning means establishing goals, using the right tools and


Two American tourists are arrested after carving their names into Rome’s Colosseum

By The Guardian

Tourists are once again getting into trouble in Italy, with two American women caught carving their names into Rome’s Colosseum.


Archaeologists discover two lost cities in Honduras Jungle

By The Guardian

Archaeologists have discovered two lost cities in the deep jungle of Honduras, emerging from the forest with evidence of a pyramid, plazas and artifacts that include the effigy of a half-human, half-jaguar spirit.


The first owned and operated African American insurance company

By The Black Past

In 1810 The African Insurance Company was created with offices located at 159 Lombard Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.