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Many Harvey Victims Were Uninsured; Must Pay Devastating Losses Out Of Pocket

By Chron

NEW YORK (AP) — Homeowners suffering flood damage from Harvey are more likely to be on the hook for losses

Black Insurers Write New Life Policies: No. 42 of 45 Great Moments in Black Business

By Black Enterprise

Over 45 days, Black Enterprise shares 45 milestone events among the nation’s largest black-owned businesses


Survivors of the Aurora Massacre Ordered to Pay $700,000 in Legal Fees

By New York Daily News

The Aurora massacre survivors have been hit with a financial insult to their injuries


Not Again! Toyota Recalls 1.4 Million Cars Due To Faulty Airbags

By The New York Times

Public concern about faulty automobile airbags spread to a second major supplier on Wednesday, after Toyota recalled 1.43 million


Man Killed While Car Was In Auto-pilot Mode

By The New York Post

The first American death involving a car in self-driving mode presents a dilemma: How aggressively to embrace the potentially life-saving technology


Chipotle is serving beans, burritos and E. Coli to their customers

By Charisma News

The number of confirmed E. coli food poisoning cases linked to Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc in Oregon


Dog refuses to leave spot where owner was killed

By EurWeb

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department were called to the scene of a crash around 6:15 a.m.

Nurse preparing syringe

Nurse puts dozens of people lives in jeopardy after reusing syringes


Dozens of people are being tested for hepatitis and HIV after authorities say a nurse reused a syringe.


NYC Health Department hit Jay Z’s 40/40 Club with major violations

By Bossip

The New York City Health Department hit Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club with violations for its faulty plumbing


Rapper Fetty Wap involved in motorcycle accident

By Black Insurance News

News sources around the internet are stating that Fetty Wap (whose real name is Willie Maxwell),


Man rushed into his firey apartment to save a rack of ribs

By Breitbart

A California man who rushed into his apartment to save a rack of barbecue ribs from a nearby fire gave an interview to a local news cameraman on the scene


Wife’s arm ripped off by husband’s pet pit bull

By The Daily News

Man’s best friend turned on this man’s wife.


Man kills 3 while driving drunk and his family post the $1 million bail

By The Root

An underage University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student reportedly


Ex-Nazi’s received over $20 million in Social Security benefits


In a forthcoming report triggered by an Associated Press investigation,


Google’s self driving car gets into an accident injuring 3 employees

By UpRoxx

Google’s much-discussed self-driving car got into an accident this month.


Minorities paid more on Honda auto loans than white borrowers

By The Washington Post

The auto finance arm of Honda on Wednesday agreed to repay $24 million to minority


Industrial size air conditioner being lifted by a crane falls 30 stories injuring 10 people

By NBC New York

An industrial air conditioner being hoisted by a crane to the top of a midtown building Sunday plummeted nearly 30 stories

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios - April 15, 2014

Tracy Morgan speaks for the first time since the car crash

By Today

Tracy Morgan broke his silence Monday on TODAY over the car crash that nearly claimed his life,


Insurance expert says Blacks jeopardize their life and business because they think insurance is a rip off

By Black News

After more than 40 years in the industry, insurance entrepreneur and expert Thomas E. Crosby says that too many blacks


Poem by Rolls Ross- Black Man Being Killed Today (What’s going on?)

Black Man Being Killed Today (What’s going on?)