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Teen Paralyzed By Gardasil Vaccine Dies

by Vaccineimpact.com

In 2016 we published the story of Colton Berrett, who received the Gardasil HPV vaccine


Man Charged With Murder Of 76-Year-Old Homeless Woman Who Was Revealed To Be Prominent 60’s Singer

by Ebony.com

Retired soul songstress Betty Jane Willis, 76, was killed during an attempted rape New Years Day by 22-year-old Rosendo Xo Pec.


Baltimore May Begin Selling Homes For $1 In Order To Restore Abandoned Neighborhoods

by BlackEnterprise.com

In order to revitalize distressed neighborhoods in Maryland, councilmembers and local community


Doctor Accused Of Anally Raping Female Patients During Rectal Exams; Patients Say Hospital Covered It Up

by KissyDenise.com

If you’re getting a rectal exam, it’s probably best to have a chaperone in the room with you, if you’re going to see Dr. Ryan Williams


Ida Keeling, 101 Year Old Fitness Wonder, Swears By Exercise – And A Daily Shot Of Hennessy

by Essence.com

When we first discovered that Ida Keeling started running at the age of 67 


California Reparations; Oakland Will Issue 50% Of Marijuana Business Licenses To Marijuana Convicts

By Vibe

Convicted weed felons are getting a fresh start. As reparations for the war on drugs,


Baltimore Public Schools To Re-Open After Closing Due To Lack Of Heat; 5 Schools Still Closed

by Baltimoresun.com

Officials said nearly all of Baltimore’s public schools are expected to reopen for classes Monday