Daily Archives: April 13, 2017


Study Finds Wine is Really Good For The Heart

By EurWeb

*A recent large-scale study conducted by the University of Cambridge in England suggests that having a drink of wine every day could help protect your heart from disease.


NY Will No Longer Prosecute 16 and 17 Year-Olds As Adults


New York raises the age of criminal responsibility under the new so called “Raise the Age” initiative.


Stereotype Debunked: Study Finds White Youth More Likely To Abuse Hard Drugs Than Black Youth

By Salon
By now we can all agree that the real target of Reagan’s enduring war on drugs was never drugs, it was African Americans.


Janelle Monae Suggests Women Go On A Sex Strike Until Every Man Stands Up for Their Rights

By All Black Media

Taking a lesson from Spike Lee’s recent film Chi-Raq Janelle Monáe suggests women should stop having sex until every man stand up for women’s rights.