Daily Archives: April 12, 2017


Charlie Murphy Dead At 57 From Leukemia

By The New York Daily News

Charlie Murphy, the beloved comedian, writer and older brother of Eddie Murphy, has died after a battle with leukemia.


’12 Years A Slave’ Writer Defends Erasure of Black Women on Show About Racism

By Huffington Post

The London premiere of writer John Ridley’s new miniseries “Guerilla” grew tense after audience members questioned why he chose a South Asian woman to be the protagonist.


2 People Find Dead Bat In Salad Sold in Southeast U.S. Wal-Marts


An unwelcome discovery by a couple of salad eaters included a sordid new ingredient.



Indian News Reporter Learns Of And Reports Husband’s Death on Live TV

By Philly.com

NEW DELHI (AP) – People across India are hailing the composure of a television news anchor who learned of her husband’s death as she delivered a breaking news report on live TV.

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Armed and Dangerous Man Sends Manifesto to Trump, Authorities Say

By NBC News

Wisconsin police were widening their hunt Saturday for a 32-year-old man who allegedly burglarized a gun store after mailing an anti-government manifesto to President Donald Trump.


Employers in NYC Can No Longer Ask Applicants For Salary History

By NY Daily News

Employers will be banned from asking job applicants how much money they made at past jobs under legislation passed by the City Council Wednesday.