Daily Archives: April 10, 2017


New Children’s Book Will Make Santa Claus A Gay Black Man

By Huffington Post

Get ready to see Santa Claus in a new (and refreshingly diverse) light this holiday season, courtesy of a forthcoming parody children’s book.


Georgia Woman Leaves Paralyzed Ex-Boyfriend In Woods To Die

By AskKissy.com

A Georgia woman is facing charges after authorities say she dumped her paraplegic ex-boyfriend in the woods and left him to die in the cold.


Pennsylvania Hospital’s First Female Neurosurgeon Is A Muslim Mother of Four

By Philly Voice

Dr. Zarina Ali loves the exhilaration she feels when scrubbing into brain or spine surgery knowing she has a chance to make a big difference in life and death situations for her patients.


Man In Philly Stabs Grandmother 30 Times For Yelling At Him

By Philly.com

He was released from jail last Tuesday, cleared of charges that he had punched his 14-year-old brother in the face and threatened to kill him, according to court records.


Legislator Calls Out ‘White Male’ Counterparts For Skipping Speeches By Women of Color

By Huffington Post

On Monday, Minnesota state Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) spoke out against a public safety bill,