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Not A Single African Citizen Was Granted A Visa for African Trade Summit in California

By The Guardian

An annual African trade summit in California had no African attendees this year after at least 60 people were denied visas, according to event leaders.


White Teenage Girl Admits To Lying About Abduction and Rape By ‘Three Black Males’

By Daily News

A Texas teenager has admitted that her claims she was kidnapped and gang-raped by “three black males” were a hoax, according to police.


Study Finds Disadvantaged Black Women Suffer From PTSD

By Chicago Tribune

Nortasha Stingley doesn’t remember a lot about the weeks after her 19-year-old daughter was shot and killed nearly four years ago.


Jailed For Life After Stealing $159 Jacket? Thousands Serving Life For Non-Violet Crimes Without Parole

By Top Buzz

Of those prisoners, 80 percent are behind bars for drug-related convictions. Sixty-five percent are African American,

Community in New Jersey To Rally After Grandmother is Carjacked and Killed


NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A family was pleading for justice Tuesday night after a beloved grandmother was carjacked, gunned down and left to die in Newark.


Sean Spicer Refuses To Acknowledge Timothy Caughman’s Murder As A Hate Crime

By Daily News

White House spokesman Sean Spicer sidestepped questions Monday over the murder of Timothy Caughman,


This MLM Charged in $4 Million Fraud Scheme

By 13 WHAM

Rochester, N.Y. (WHAM) – Three executives of a Rochester-based marketing company have been charged with wire fraud in a multi-million dollar scheme.


Fake Miami Dolphins Player Has Been Scamming Women For Years

By Baller Alert

Remember the black Miami Dolphins player who said that black women weren’t “coachable”, were stubborn, argumentative and that’s why rich black athletes marry white women?


Toronto Schools Puts Travel Ban on School Trips To US


(CNN)Canada’s largest school system announced it will no longer allow student or staff trips to the US, citing uncertainty over the travel ban.


Stop Raising Racists: What Parents of White Children Must Do In the Age of Trump

By NY Times

DES MOINES — Last year at this time, my 7-year-old was running around singing the praises of George Washington.


This Model Is A Welcome Voice For Body Positivity (And Yes, He’s Single)

By Revelist

Unfortunately, a fit man loving a plus-size woman is still taboo in our society.


Dog’s Reluctance To Drink Water Lead To Discovery Of Lead In a San Diego School

By LA Times

A dog’s reluctance to drink from a bowl in a San Diego classroom led to the discovery of lead in the school’s water system, and testing of all pipes in the San Diego Unified School District will begin soon.


A Judge Finds Aetna’s Justification For Pulling Out Of Obamacare Largely Bogus

By LA Times

Aetna claimed this summer that it was pulling out of all but four of the 15 states where it was providing Obamacare individual insurance because of a business decision — it was simply losing too much money on the Obamacare exchanges.


Obamacare Isn’t The Issue, It’s The Insurance Companies

By Portland Press Herald

MILBRIDGE — With the recent news about increases in premiums for health plans sold through the Affordable Care Act marketplace, everyone wants to vilify the ACA.


Human Discount: Black Children Cost Less To Adopt


NPR continues a series of conversations about The Race Card Project, where thousands of people have submitted their thoughts on race and cultural identity in six words.


Man On Meth Kills Neighbors Thinking They Were Zombies

According to the police, Kevin Fogarty was so badly intoxicated with crystal meth, that he became convinced his apartment was surrounded by zombies.


KKK Imperial Wizard Found In Belize After Fleeing The U.S 30 Years Ago

By Daily Mail

A former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan who now lives in Belize, alongside the very race of people he fought to segregate, has told Daily Mail Online: ‘I don’t hate blacks… Ain’t that something?’


White Terrorist Fatally Stabs Black Man in Midtown NY- Admits He Was Targeting Black Men

By The New York Daily News

The 28-year-old man busted for fatally stabbing a black stranger in Midtown on Tuesday has told cops he came the city from Baltimore to kill African-Americans, sources said.


GRAPHIC: Bulls Rams Horn Up Matador’s Butt During Brutal Bout

By NY Daily News

A matador in Mexico City suffered “severe” injuries Monday when a bull gored its 11-inch horn up his behind.


No One Is Taking Note Of The Increasing Deportation of African and Other Black Immigrants

By Atlanta Black Star

Although often not covered in the media, the African immigrant community is facing mass deportations in the era of Donald Trump.